DC Mother's Day 2018 Child Dedications

Sun 13th May 9:00am – 11:00am

Discovery Church, 222 Libbey Industrial Parkway, Weymouth, MA, United States Map

Child dedications are a special occasion where parents commend their little ones to the Lord's care and guidance, as well as committing themselves to God to be the kind of parents that will raise their child(ren) to be devoted followers of Jesus.

Traditionally @ Discovery - we host Child Dedications on Mother's Day as we feel it creates a special memory for moms for that day. Dedications will be available at both the 9AM & 11AM services.

If you are interested in dedicating your baby or young child, please complete the registration form.

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Please let us know if your child has been previously dedicated, baptized or christened.

Prayer Partners

During your child's dedication, there will be a time where you and some prayer partners will quietly pray over your child as you dedicate them to the Lord. You can choose a couple of people that you would like to do that with you, or we can appoint someone for you. These could be close family members or people who are close to you and your child and who invest in your child's life. If you have someone you would like to invite to participate - please list their names below.

Which service would you like to dedicate your child?

Please let us know which service time you prefer to have your child's dedication. We can't guarantee that you can have that service due to limited space and amount of interest, but we will do our best to accommodate your preference.